Mystery League ✈️ San Francisco

Next Tuesday, on March 5, we’ll be in San Francisco at the Barrel Head Brewhouse to put on our game The Unknown Islands. It’s a two-hour escape-room-at-a-table for teams of 8. As of this writing, 25 tickets remain. Pick up a ticket — or buy out a whole table — here.

Pun of the week

What’s Black Panther’s favorite podcast?

Wakanda Media.

404: Interactive Puzzle Book by Dr Gareth Moore

404: Interactive Puzzle Book
Solve the puzzles and reveal the conspiracy. If you enjoy riddles, brainteasers or escape room games, 404 is for you.
404 is a new kind of puzzle book. There are no instructions, and it won’t always be obvious what to do. You will need to think creatively to extract answers from the book, which can be validated on the accompanying 404 website. If you are correct, the website will unlock information which you will need to solve challenges later in the book.

Miskatonic University Game

Miskatonic University Game

This “road rally” all-weekend puzzle hunt is happening in the Boston area in August, but applications open next week. There are limited spots, and I’d guess demand will way outpace supply. Get your team together now and get prepared to submit an application in March.

How does a cruciverbalist create crossword puzzles?

How does a cruciverbalist create crossword puzzles? | The Kid Should See This
In this Masterminds video from Wired, cruciverbalist David Kwong demonstrates how he makes crossword puzzles for The New York Times.

Here’s illusionist and puzzle crafter David Kwong explaining how he makes a crossword. I make puzzles for a living and I still find crossword construction indistinguishable from magic.

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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