Mentor Thunderbolt

Mentor Thunderbolt

Tomorrow is Election Day in the US. Please vote if you can. Did you know 22 states allow same-day registration? (I didn't til just now.) All the info you need is here:

How to Vote
Everything voters need to know. Democracy Works has all the information you need to register and vote.

The Puzzler

Every month I offer a new bite-sized puzzle. Here's the newest one:

Think of two six-letter words that each start and end with a T. Swap the two syllables of one of them, and phonetically, you’ll get a synonym of the other.

Submit your answer here πŸ—³

Mystery #7: Spirit Halloween

The latest Mystery is live! This one is about Halloween and costumes, and capitalizes on that persistent Spirit Halloween meme. I wrote this one with my good friend Matthew Stein. We tried to make this one much more approachable than my previous Mysteries, so please give it a shot!

Spirit Halloween
It’s Halloween, and these are the only costumes left at the store.

Trace: Room Escape Game

TRACE by colorbomb
An escape room on another planet!

I really enjoyed this point-and-click escape room game by designer Colorbomb. Lots of depth, many tricky a-has, and some gorgeous scenery. Took me and my son probably about 90 minutes to 2 hours total to crack the whole thing open. These games are a lot more fun with two; my son was casually noticing things that it would have taken me hours to recognize on my own. Five stars.

Words Against Strangers

words against strangers
one random person a day gets the chance to play against the internet in a game of words.

This is a quick-fire word game where you type in as many words as you can that fit a certain criteria. But in the end, you win or lose based on how well you scored against The Stranger β€” a random person who is picked to be everyone's opponent that day. I've played twice and beat the stranger both times -- though I’m not sure that I find a comparison to one stranger more interesting than just seeing how I placed against everyone. But I do appreciate any new twist on word games. Maybe we're at the cusp of a new age of Wordle-inspired internet games. I hope so.

Today in Mouse News

Fivel Stewart - Wikipedia

I just learned of this individual, who homophonically shares her name with two fictional mice. That is all.

Solution to the October Puzzler

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