Spirit Halloween

It's Halloween, and these are the only costumes left at the store. When you open them, they're even scarier than the packaging lets on! Good thing you've been practicing your ghostly sounds all month.

What are you afraid people will say if you wear any of these?

This puzzle was co-written with Matthew Stein. Check out his work at imakepuzzles.com and on Instagram @enigmida.

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Plain text

  • Extra Terrestrial; A good grade; Namesake's first name (3/6)
  • Salad ingredient; A gang; Official language (6/8)
  • Toy doll; A watering hole; Support article (3/3)
  • Generic baddie; A weekday abbr.; Tool for insertion (2/7)
  • [A ghost]
  • Jedi master; A slangy greeting; Original last name (6/7)
  • Sugary candy; A TV diner; Alternate name (2/8)
  • Disney fawn; An insect; Common species (6/8)


  1. Cornchak
  2. Golem
  3. Matt S
  4. Jen B
  5. Joey Spain
  6. Mister Malaka
  7. Maggie W.
  8. Jen Mitchell
  9. Hilary H
  10. Steven Valdez
  11. mrbreen
  12. Dee Williams
  13. Codiak
  14. Richard Hren

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