🗝 Curse of Peg Leg Sullivan 👻 Decemberists board game

Question for you: Where should I host my next puzzle hunt? Could be a museum, a park, neighborhood, gathering space, restaurant, underground bunker, hotel lobby, anything. Hit reply and let me know. I’m looking for ideas.


Think of someone who has won multiple Oscars. Change one letter in their first name, anagram it, and you’ll end up with the number of Oscars that person won. This is also possible with a different person’s last name. Who are these people?

Curse of Peg Leg Sullivan

In partnership with the Vamonde storytelling app, The House Theatre and I just launched a unique storytelling adventure puzzle game called The Curse of Peg Leg Sullivan. It’s about a real person named Peg Leg Sullivan and the curse he may have put on Chicago by maybe starting the Chicago Fire in 1871. It’s part history, part fiction, and part puzzle. It’s free to download.

Scriptnotes, 269: Mystery Vs. Confusion

Scriptnotes, 269: Mystery Vs. Confusion
John and Craig compare mystery and confusion, and how you can have more of the former with less of the latter. We use these lessons as we look at at three new entries in the Three Page Challenge.

I recently got turned onto the (already very popular) Scriptnotes podcast. It’s a great listen, even if you never plan to write a screenplay. This recent episode about the fine line between mystery and confusion had me nodding my head as I listened.

ILLIMAT, the Decemberists board game

The Decemberists Present: ILLIMAT A Game by Keith Baker for 2-4 players

Keith Baker designed this game with the band The Decemberists. I got to play it last month at XOXO. It’s a gorgeous game, with simple rules that somehow go very deep. And the story behind the game is about as Decemberists-y as you can get.

Do your own Revue

Revue (the site that sends this newsletter) is asking me to spread the word about their service. If you want to start one of your own (I love it; it’s super easy), use this link and they’ll add a little pixie dust to my account.

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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