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Mystery Theme Trivia #2

  1. Who is the main antagonist in the Robin Hood fable? He is constantly attempting to capture the hero, when he’s not collecting taxes.
  2. Bill Lee, all-star pitcher for the Red Sox, reportedly earned this unearthly nickname in 1971, after one of his bravura performances on the field coincided with another event happening hundreds of thousands of miles away.
  3. What alt-rock band, led by J Mascis, originally had a one-word name, but added a suffix after their second album was released, due to a lawsuit brought by a psychedelic rock supergroup with almost the exact same name.
  4. The name of one of the most popular multi-level marketing companies, founded in 1959 and still going strong today, sounds like someone has translated the name of an ’80s pop duo into what language?
  5. What bacterial disease is also known as consumption, or the white plague, due to the paleness of its victims?
  6. The answers to the above clue a seminal movie franchise that features an ensemble cast of characters. Respond with another question whose answer could fit the theme.

Hints and solution

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