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Today’s issue is dedicated to puzzles-by-mail, which make great last-minute gift ideas, since you can tell your giftee that their present is being sent directly to their house. Just make sure to encode the message for proper effect.

Do you have a favorite game not listed here? Or do you operate a puzzle subscription service? Send us the info and we’ll include it in a future issue.


Think of a name associated with fire under ground. Remove the first letter, reverse the letters that remain, and the result will be a name that’s associated with fire above ground. Which names are these?

Dear Holmes: Mail-based Victorian Mysteries

Dear Holmes: Mail-Based Victorian Mysteries
Get Sherlock Holmes’s mail. Solve a challenging Victorian-era mystery each month, using weekly clues mailed to your door.

This monthly subscription makes Sherlock Holmes’s clients, sources, and colleagues into your pen pals.

The Enigma Emporium

SHOP | theenigmaemporium

Each of these puzzles is set of postcards is a fun puzzle game in a small package. My family has really enjoyed a few of these. Each is $15 or you can buy the set of three for $50.

The Deadbolt Mystery Society

Murder Mystery Box - Deadbolt Mystery Society
CATCH A KILLER. SOLVE A KIDNAPPING. STOP A MADMAN. Gift a subscription Purchase a Gift Card Shop One-Time Boxes! Subscribe Now! The Deadbolt Mystery Society is a monthly subscription box service for lovers of mystery and suspense.With your subscription, a new

A monthly subscription box including police reports, puzzles, evidence, & interviews around a single mystery. Each box is a standalone, so it’s a flexible idea for a gift.

9 Best Mystery Subscription Boxes and DIY Escape Rooms

The Best Escape Room & Mystery Boxes for Affordable Fun at Home (2022)
Escape room and mystery adventure games are the trendiest breakout games. From physical escape rooms to tabletop escape room games, introducing a little friendly competition into your relationships is healthy

A list from last year that highlights some options in addition to those mentioned above.

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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