Hello from the new reality. Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lot — like, a lot — of offerings for things to play while stuck at home: online puzzles, remote escape rooms, web-based tabletop games, etc. Below, you can find a few of them, and I’ll be sending more as I learn about them.

Thanks for all the ideas that poured in after the last Dispatch; I’ve got a few new things cooking, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, I’ve already started building up a new stable of remote team-building games and fine tuning strategies for running remote events for teams of ~20. I’m also building out a new way to run some of my physical tabletop puzzle games with larger distributed teams. If you’re looking for some ways to break out of the new all-Zoom routine, get in touch.


A Magical ARG Puzzle Hunt

A Magical ARG Puzzle Hunt by the ASPMC
An online ARG puzzle hunt created by artists and freelancers whose work has been affected by Covid19

A bunch of freelance puzzle designers, including some friends of mine, banded together in the last few weeks and built this puzzle hunt. You’ve got just a few days left to back it on Kickstarter. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Immersive Newsletter For "Indoor Kids"

Now Playing: Immersive At Home and In-Person (Updated 1/4/22)
NoPro’s directory of remote/online and in-person immersive and interactive experiences (Updated 1/4/22)

No Proscenium is dedicated to searching out the best in immersive & experiential work. Right now, that means “keeping the immersive home fires alive with remote and online experiences.” Now playing: online escape rooms, interactive text adventures, online theater experiences, and more. Note: not just for kids.

Cara's "Indoor Kids" Activity Guide

Cara’s “Indoor Kids” Activity Guide
Outside’s Overrated PLEASE NOTE: -While some of these suggestions may be kid-friendly, “Indoor Kids” is meant as a slang term for adults who stay inside (aka... everyone now) -Each column may be sorted using the pull-down filters. (e.g. sort by “Puzzles” only.) -Got a suggestion to add? Comm...

This spreadsheet has links to ARGs, online escape rooms, puzzles, LARPs, courses, and more. Note: as with the NoPro newsletter, it’s not actually a kid-oriented list…“Indoor Kids” is, well, all of us now.

Me on 2343

Simone.org – Simplify Your Life and Find Happiness
Helpful tips and advice for living a simplified and mindful life. Focus on what’s important and sign up for the newsletter or listen to the podcast today!

I talked with Simone Salis for his 2343 Podcast about how I got into making puzzles, my creative process, how puzzle solving promotes collaboration and communication, my daily Twitter puzzles, and more.

A few short puzzles about Social Distancing

My friend Kid Beyond made this variation on the Star Battle logic puzzle as a reflection of the current times. “Events may distance us. Walls may separate us. We remain interconnected.”

Pancakes, Euphoria, and a Robot Parade: Inside MIT's Grueling Puzzle Competition

Pancakes, Euphoria, and a Robot Parade: Inside MIT’s Grueling Puzzle Competition
Every year, thousands of geniuses invade campus and crack riddles for 48 straight hours. Can you solve them?

Remember January? Me neither. But this article was a fun look back at an ancient past where people (including myself) came together in large groups to solve puzzles.

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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