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Chicagoans: I’m putting on my tabletop puzzle game The Unknown Islands Thursday night (November 15) at Empirical Brewery. In it, you and your team are secret agents who must break into the bag and use the objects you find inside — a bottle, ancient coins, postcards, a newspaper, a whale-watching guide, and a mysterious starfish-shaped computer — to complete the mystery. It’s two hours of intense, elegant puzzling.

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Take something frequently written in text messages. Swap two letters and say the result out loud, and phonetically you’ll describe something else frequently written in text messages. What are they?

Clandestine from Field Notes

Clandestine - An Edition About Secret Codes and Ciphers
There’s a lot more than meets the eye to the Clandestine Edition. With some work, you might just unlock some additional cryptic information.

We teamed up with Field Notes to help design their latest edition: Clandestine. The notebooks are gorgeous specimens on their own, but look closely and you’ll find layers of puzzles hidden inside. And… there may be more waiting for you outside the book.

The Inkubator by Laura Braunstein

The Inkubator
Crossword puzzles by women -- cis women, trans women, and woman-aligned constructors.

Five days left on this project, which promotes crossword puzzles by women – cis women, trans women, and woman-aligned constructors.

Former CIA Chief Explains How Spies Use Disguises

Former Chief of Disguise for the CIA, Jonna Mendez, explains how disguises are used in the CIA, and what aspects to the deception make for an effective disguise.

Weird Things Found While Researching Puzzles

One perk of this job is I get to spend a lot of time on Wikipedia learning weird new shit. Today we feature Ole Worm, 17th century physician and historian.

Ole Worm - Wikipedia

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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