This month we’re welcoming a lot of new subscribers from the Pilcrow Bar hunt. Hello! Welcome to the place where I send you interesting puzzle things I find online every month. This issue we’ve got 3 different puzzle sets, all raising money for good causes.A few small plugs for The Mystery League:

  • If you just participated in Pilcrow Bar and you want something similar for your company (either for marketing or for team-building), get in touch.
  • I’ve also been putting hour-long trivia games for team-building. They combine trivia and a little bit of puzzles. Again, get in touch if you’d like to discuss that for your team.
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Think of a 9-letter term from mathematics. Swap letters 2 & 3, then move the 4th letter to the front of the word, to get a 9-letter term from computer science. What words are these?

Grids for Good

Grids for Good
Grids for Good is a collection of 42 original puzzles created by 44 different constructors to raise money for organizations providing coronavirus relief, as well as for groups fighting against institutional racism.

To get the set, which includes a few metapuzzles with a contest behind them, donate $10 or more to a COVID-related charity.

The Social Distancing Puzzles

The Social Distancing Puzzles – Eric Berlin

Veteran puzzle designer Eric Berlin is offering 11 very accessible puzzles to solve with a partner, over Zoom or in the same room. To download, he’s asking that you make a donation to Feeding America. I got to playtest these puzzles and I loved ‘em all.

Puzzle Pop!

Puzzle Pop
A Father’s Day puzzle spectacular — supporting justice + hope for Black lives.

Puzzle Pop! by Kid Beyond and friends is a Father’s Day-themed set of puzzles benefitting the Equal Justice Initiative. A great set of puzzles, for a great cause. The Mother’s Day set, benefitting Every Mother Counts (and to which my kids and I contributed a puzzle) is also still available.

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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