No Rye for the Waster

This week's Puzzler is apparently an oldie, but I stumbled across it across it on my own, so I’m gonna include it anyway. Take that, the past.


Think of a word in 9 letters. Rearrange the letters to get two nouns that are both part of a common proverb. What words are these?

Mark Halpin's 2017 Labor Day Extravaganza is almost here


Almost every Labor Day weekend since 2006 has seen a new online puzzle hunt by Mark Halpin, one of my favorite puzzle crafters. His new hunt will be released this Saturday. The puzzles in these sets are consistently very tough, and very elegant. You can take a stab at any of his previous hunts by downloading from the same link.

KFC's New Employee Training Game Is a Virtual Reality Nightmare

KFC’s New Employee Training Game Is a Virtual Reality Nightmare
You can’t escape the room until you learn how to fry chicken

The whole thing is worth watching. It’s not an escape room, per se, but it is horrific. If you escape, you’ll come out the other side a better fry cook, if not a better person.

Escape rooms: Why people flock to these ‘tourist traps’
Escape rooms are becoming popular with travelers. Find out why these 3-D puzzles are such a hit with tourists around the world.

I mean, it’s not a hard question, but CNN takes a stab at it.

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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