Mystery League ✈️ Seattle

From October 3 - 6, I’ll be in Seattle. I’m there to put on 🦄  Creatures for a client, but I’ve got plenty of time to put on a public game, as well as more private games. Please get in touch if you’d like me to put the game on for you. Or if you know of a good tap room or game store where I can stage the game publicly.


Name a 20th century author and a 21st century actress, both born in Eastern Europe. Their first names start with the same first four letters, and their last names start with the same three letters. Who are they?

Explorable Explanations

Explorable Explanations
a hub for learning through play

Nicky Case creates “stories about systems”, beautiful interactive narratives that teach you about things like game theory, gerrymandering, voting systems, and lots more. I’m proud to be one of Nicky’s supporters on Patreon.

The Fool’s Errand & 3 in Three

The Fool’s Errand
The Fool’s Errand. The 1987 metapuzzle by Cliff Johnson.

Cliff Johnson created these games for the Mac in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Which was just when I was learning how to solve puzzles and use a desktop computer — and I obsessed over them. I just learned that both games, as well as all of Cliff’s other works, are available for download, for free. Nostalgia status: overload.

Deep Down They're Geeks: Goldmanites Dominate Big Scavenger Hunt

Deep Down They’re Geeks: Goldmanites Dominate Big Scavenger Hunt
The contestants in Wall Street’s epic scavenger hunt emptied their “Field Rations” boxes and arranged the contents: 10 spray vials, nine bags of cotton candy and a deck of five playing cards carrying messages in Braille.
The scavenger hunt, a fundraiser for the nonprofit Good Shepherd Services, has still found its base. Each year’s iteration brings into the open the endearing dorkiness of the people who, increasingly, populate top firms: science and math majors reared on video games, hot on problem solving, now writing algorithms and using quantum mechanics to eke out a slight edge on market swings.

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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