Mystery League ✈️ Denver

On July 11, I’ll be in Denver at the Crooked Stave to put on my newest puzzle game, Mystery in the Galleries. It’s a 90-120 minute escape-room-at-a-table for teams of 6. EventBrite will be set up soon, so for now, follow this link to save yourself a spot.


Name any movie (there are lots) that could fit in the missing blank of this ordered set:

North by Northwest
Cedar Rapids
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
Space Jam

National Puzzlers League Convention in Milwaukee: July 12-15


This year’s National Puzzlers League Convention is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from July 12-15. To quote the NPL, “it’s the best decision you will ever make in your puzzling life.” I’ll be there the whole time and would love to meet every single one of you. Registration is open until June 29th. If you can’t make it the whole time, watch that site for a $70 Saturday-only ticket.

DASH 10 registration is open

DASH 10 – Deputies Allied to Secure Homesteads

This is the best puzzle event of the year.

If you live in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Davis, CA, DC, Enschede, Netherlands, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Minneapolis, Mobile, Montréal, New York, Nicosia, Cyprus, Palo Alto, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, or St. Louis, just register already.

Puzzle Boat 5 is October 13

Puzzle Boat 5

Puzzle Boat is a puzzle extravaganza written by Foggy Brume of P&A Puzzle Magazine. His puzzles are always top-notch. This extravaganza will include 75 puzzles and several metas and one large meta-meta. The event launches on October 13 and costs $75 for a team of any size.

‘Solver Stories’ - The New York Times

The New York Times is looking for personal stories:

exploring how puzzles connect us to each other, how they fit into our daily lives and what we can learn about ourselves from solving them.

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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