Stocking Stuffers

Happy Hanukkah! In this family, we have some strange traditions. First, we hang stockings, but don't tell the kids which gift goes in which stocking. After they sort it all out, the kids play a round of white elephant and give each other presents. And Mom always reserves one special Hanukkah gift for everyone after it’s all done. What is it?


  • Ava seeks answers that are like her. She’s hoping for a festive vacation. (56837124)
  • Clark is a science nerd between 17-19 who’s studying chemicals across space. He’s hoping for a spork. (415326)
  • Dash is obsessed with every little detail, just like that old saying, but he checks even more letters. He’s thirsty.  (13452)
  • Esme looks in very specific directions for her gifts. What she wants is up in the air.  (12648573)
  • Lou P. Khan wants things they can hold, but they gotta sound perfect. They’re hoping for something for their aquarium. (53721648)
  • Nate O. wants a couple things in every gift. He’s getting into woodworking. (23514)
  • Rob will illegally pinch and lift each of his presents and attempt to figure out what’s deep inside. He’s hoping for some games. (231)
  • Stewy can’t wait for the tasty holiday dinner, and all the things that get mixed into it. He needs to be entertained. (314652)


  • ACL knee brace
  • Ancient calculator
  • Ax court
  • Cannabis
  • Comic strip about an airline
  • Croak gents
  • Elbow pasta
  • Garden fortress
  • Glacier
  • Glass awl
  • Hercules venison
  • Hot sauce
  • Iron-ons
  • Jack knife sack
  • Japes
  • Knitting machine
  • Kohlrabi atomizer
  • Large crow
  • Latex negligee
  • Latin dancing with a loverboy
  • Law, as written
  • Math nights
  • Mazel Tov, You’ve Changed
  • Moss recorder
  • Nick Lowe’s mug
  • Nothing, nil, zilch
  • Oak corn
  • Pepperoni nectarine
  • Person bow
  • Pillow in white
  • Quality Nijinsky
  • Schumann twang
  • SCSI system
  • See-through championship trophy
  • Shoplifting hijinks
  • Skiing by Beijing
  • Slipper den
  • Small batteries
  • Soft tacos around Tijuana
  • Spun knee
  • Steam soot
  • Stiff, crisp fleece
  • Supercontinent of old
  • The orb
  • Tractors
  • Trip to the Canadian mountains
  • UNLV ogre
  • Yellow bird
  • Zinc ointment

Answer checker


  1. Codiak
  2. Maggie W.
  3. Steven Valdez
  4. Jen B
  5. Joey Spain
  6. Hilary H
  7. Matt S

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