Spoonfuls of Sugar

A regular at her favorite ice cream shop, Darla can never choose just one flavor. She always orders every one of 13 of the flavors they offer, precisely stacked so that each flavor leads perfectly into the next as she eats. All the regular employees know Darla’s usual order, but today the new clerk stacked the flavors in alphabetical order instead. Darla needs to teach them the correct order. “It’s easy,” Darla insists, “the blends between flavors matter the most”.

What’s the name of this amazing shop?


  1. Joey Spain
  2. Golem
  3. Jason Deakins
  4. Rich Bragg
  5. Maggie W.
  6. Ryan Bollettino
  7. Adam Kaye
  8. Meg
  9. Steven Valdez
  10. Jack + Jenn
  11. Richard Hren
  12. Don Ray
  13. Hilary H.
  14. Jen Mitchel
  15. Jen B
  16. Thomas

Plain text


Bunch Honey
Dip Sage
Fall Mint
Farm Lime
Fixer Thyme
Luck Melon
Pang Peach
Press Clove
Prize Grape
Rave Fig
Shade Pear
Squeak Mango
Tile Date


Arsenio, e.g.
C+ Triangle, e.g.
Choicest Untruths
Copy of a Bay
Criminal Party
Dance Distance
Hideous Publication
Hog’s Tooth
Modest Gratuity
Oceanside Jab
Pixie Temptation
Spare in Anger
Tardy Fowl

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