Spelling Bee

I like to mash up the games I play. Here you see a modified version of The New York Times' Spelling Bee, with a larger field and slightly modified rules:

  • Answers may be multiple words and proper nouns.
  • All tiles used in an answer must be adjacent, i.e. form a contiguous blob.
  • Tiles can be reused in an answer.
  • Every answer must use the center tile, which can stand for any letter, and which is represented by a ⬡ in the list below. (You can ignore these letters.)

Here is a grid and some clues about the answers I found in this grid. Sound like fun? Do you have the resources to solve it?

⬢⬢⬢ ⬢⬡⬢⬢⬢ - Chart-topper by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar

⬡⬢⬢⬢⬢⬢ - Floor

⬢.⬢. ⬢⬢⬢⬢⬡⬢⬢ - Fútbol team in Hidalgo, Mexico that's been around more than 120 years

⬢⬢⬢⬡⬢⬢ - Italian for "five"

⬢⬢⬢⬡⬢ - Loses energy, as one falling asleep

⬢⬢⬢⬡⬢ - Unix command that should synchronize a file's state with storage device

⬡⬢⬢⬢⬢⬢ - Tactical move that could give you an advantage

⬢⬢⬢ ⬢⬢⬡⬢ - Performs a fancy trick, like on a ski slope

⬢⬢⬡⬢⬢ - Organ the body uses to secrete bile

⬢⬢⬢⬡ - Good name of a female werewolf

⬢⬢⬢⬡⬢⬢ - Sweet, red, oval-shaped fruit

⬢⬡⬢⬢⬢⬢ - Eponymous show about fatherhood, made by a Wayans

⬢⬢⬢⬡ - Condition that'll fetch a steep price

⬢⬢⬡⬢⬢ - Jam band whose songs keep going and going

⬢⬢⬢⬡ - Malicious fairy who’s a bit of a creep

⬢⬢⬢⬢⬡⬢⬢ - Simple machines used to pick up things

⬢⬢⬢⬢⬡ - Rockin' bird that goes "tweet tweet tweet"

⬢⬢⬢⬡ - Cuisine that brings the heat

What should I call this game mash-up?

Answer checker


  1. Steven Valdez
  2. Maggie W.
  3. Adam Thompson
  4. Mark W
  5. Codiak
  6. Justin S.
  7. Jen B
  8. Joey Spain
  9. Hilary H.


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