ShotDeck Posters

The following six posters were built for a puzzle hunt for the website They were hosted on Upon solving each poster, players were instructed to search ShotDeck for the solution word or phrase. This search would result in one shot. Using these six shots together at the end would yield the final metapuzzle. That part of the puzzle isn't possible to do, because a) you need a ShotDeck account to search the site, and b) the special tags have been removed from those shots, making them impossible to find. The posters, however, remain solvable on their own. They are shown below. Each one yields its own answer, which you can check using the link below each poster. Good luck!

Poster 1: E.T.

Poster 2: Asteroid City

Poster 3: Seven

Poster 4: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Poster 5: The Social Network

Poster 6: Blues Brothers

Sandy Weisz is the commissioner of The Mystery League and the editor-in-chief of Signals. 
Hannah Wilson is the Mystery League’s reigning employee of the month. She competed in the 2024 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. She is currently crocheting a blanket.


  1. Steven Valdez
  2. Codiak


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