Off The Wall

Welcome to the Signals Art Gallery. We've got a new artist in the house! But the titles of their pieces fell off the wall. First things first, match up each title to its piece. Then, consider who the heck each piece is an homage to. Finally, try to determine who made all these pieces.

Plain text

  • 1001’s Ali, obviously
  • B-word via Emeril
  • Ben Hur carriage
  • NYC art neighborhood
  • Mom’s guy darling
  • Great ape species
  • Shape for corkscrew
  • Shut-in and recluse
  • Deficiency; not glut
  • She <3s Mickey
  • Equipment was energized
  • Surname for Angelica
  • Galifianakis (he’s zany)


  • Rich Bragg
  • Golem
  • Steven Valdez
  • Joey Spain
  • Lindsey/Brad

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