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Saturday Night Live is our favorite show. Each episode has a charismatic host and an entertaining, contemporaneous musical artist alongside them. Below are some of my favorite pairings from throughout the show’s history, along with the name of my favorite sketch from the episode. We're showing them here in chronological order from the primordial days of 1967 (through the magic of imagination, before the show’s debut!) to 2016. If you can get them in the right order, you’re definitely an expert of some kind!

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Sidney Poitier w/ Rolling Stones β€” Shows You May Watch in 2050
Suzanne Pleshette w/ Peter, Paul and Mary β€” Crawlers In The Rainy Gutter
Peter Finch w/ Paul McCartney β€” How to Leap With Your Grampa’s Mare
Elizabeth Taylor w/ Chicago β€” New Father’s Top Five Terrors
Burt Lancaster w/ Jimmy Buffett β€” Doris the Hypochondriac Snake
John Travolta (host & musical guest) β€” Top Floor of the Texas Flag Depository
Jan-Michael Vincent w/ Patti Smith β€” Getting a D in Pastry School
Matthew Broderick w/ The Bangles β€” Terrible Present Givers Club
Robert de Niro w/ Morrissey β€” The Owl Who Lost the Election
Jessica Lange w/ The Cure β€” Swimming with Extremely Poor Judgment
Ice Cube w/ Mariah Carey β€” Jasmine Tries Beat Boxing
Eddie Murphy w/ Fall Out Boy β€” Hawk Boy vs. Captain Business
Bruce Willis w/ Pet Shop Boys β€” Charlie Brown Appears in Court
Michael Shannon w/ Run the Jewels β€” The Groundhog with Lousy Vision

Sandy Weisz is the commissioner of The Mystery League and the editor-in-chief of Signals. 
Hannah Wilson is an eight-time Jeopardy! champion, somewhat competitive crossword puzzle solver, and reigning Mystery League Employee of the Month. She is currently reading My Brilliant Friend.

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  1. Codiak
  2. Maggie W.
  3. Joey Spain
  4. Dan C
  5. Hilary H
  6. Jen B
  7. Richard Hren
  8. Rock Lobsters
  9. Steven Valdez


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