Hollywood Positions

These critics’ first impressions are always so effusive. However, once they get to the film’s second half, their opinions tend to transform, and the rating loses a star.

What movie should I watch next?

Plain text

Palo Alto
The god of music has nothing on this one!
The Random Number

Amores Perros
Lady horses couldn’t pull me away!
The Loveland Arrow

Picture Perfect
What ingredients did they mix together, in precise amounts, to make this masterpiece?! 
The Snailsville Progress 

Mortal Kombat
Walk, canter or gallop to see this flick! 
The Appleton Barker 

Match Point
It'll make any little birdie come out of their shell! 
The Brownsville Shade 

Personal Velocity
Better than Carmen or La Traviata! 
The Boston Globe 

Nicholas Nickleby
Yummy like garlic and mayonnaise! 
The Madison Vitriol 

Casino Royale
Accept no fan fiction — this is the official James Bond story!
The Springfield Drum 

Silver Bullet
Like a pan of muffins in the oven, this one goes up and up! 
The London Underground 

Chasing Liberty
Had us emotively exhaling the whole time!
The Pennsylvanian Native

Double Impact
A love letter to double reeds! 
The Welcome Proclaimer 

Gunpowder Milkshake
If you find something weirder than this movie, then… I… I can’t even! 
The Tokyo Refresher 

Fair Game
Full of amazing chord progressions just waiting to be soloed over! 
The Scotch Daily 

Silver Streak
It made me feel like a King! 
The Craftsman Canvas 

Central Station
Had me thinking in tangential ways, like I’d been tossed a football! 
The Eureka Information 

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