Beneath the Earth

For our first big Mystery, I decided to give myself a one-word prompt and see what developed. What better word for this month, and this moment, than Earth.

Once you solve the puzzle, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. After the puzzle's been up for a week, I'll post a leaderboard along with some hints. Good luck!


Congrats to all the folks who have solved the puzzle:

  1. Lindsey/Brad
  2. Araltaln
  3. Snitch Eephus
  4. Mister Malaka
  5. Brad Johnson
  6. Shalaka
  7. Heather Kennedy
  8. Steven Valdez
  9. Yossi Fendel
  10. Harper
  11. Maggie W.
  12. Victoria Golden
  13. PSkip
  14. Rich Bragg
  15. Matt Straus
  16. Adam Kaye
  17. Joey Spain
  18. Cailey and Tom Stiberth
  19. Mark W
  20. Jen B

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