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We just turned up a long-lost Jeopardy game. We feel the first round category names could be more specific, though Double Jeopardy truly is just a mish-mash of questions. There must be a Final Jeopardy answer around here somewhere.


Double Jeopardy!

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All of the above text is available on this Google Sheet:

Answers & Questions
Raw data Jeopardy! ENIGMAS,$100,Yes, loud and clear! Now donโ€™t move til weโ€™re done talking (5) ENIGMAS,$200,The latter, but isnโ€™t it impressive how it sounds like the former? (7) ENIGMAS,$300,What do I look like, a deli on wheels? (8) ENIGMAS,$400,Cash, some credit cards, my driverโ€™s license (4)โ€ฆ
Sandy Weisz is the commissioner of The Mystery League and the editor-in-chief of Signals. 
Hannah Wilson is the Mystery Leagueโ€™s reigning employee of the month. She competed in the 2024 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. She is currently reading The Secret History.

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  1. Maggie W.
  2. Rock Lobsters
  3. Steven Valdez
  4. Codiak
  5. Jen B
  6. Jen Mitchell
  7. Richard Hren


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