Day 30: Phantom

This puzzle was created for EnigMarch, which challenges constructors to build a puzzle every day in March, based on single-word prompts. For more background, visit
Day 30: Phantom

Plain text

The Pac-man ghosts are named Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde, Though I feel that Shrinky would have been better. Meanwhile, I've got some other Ideas I've been holding onto…

  • Mr. Asner laid down asphalt next to a kind of xing while he hemorrhaged.
  • The R&B artist who was more red in the cheeks became a drug seller and an attacker who lied in wait.
  • The former British PM can televise an ad for hair dryer maker at two.
  • The gluer uses a flower to improve the sound quality to hear the Star Wars weapon fire.
  • Mixing a finale with something awaiting a decision can only go up, up, up.
  • The sheep's cry is a deadly warning to not consume the bog substance.


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