Crossfit Wights


Name two activities done at a gym, one word each. Remove a single letter from one of the words. The resulting two-word phrase will describe something you might see at a circus. What words are they?

Verwald's Treasures on Kickstarter — 2 days left!

Verwald’s Treasures
In this sequel to the puzzle hunt What’s That Spell, the wizard Verwald offers you a mysterious treasure – if you can find it.

Nathan Curtis is back with another play-at-home puzzle kit. Pledge at the low levels and you get the puzzle templates digitally, so you can print them out at home. Pledge higher and get them shipped directly to you.

New Facebook Group Helps Aspiring Constructors Learn the Art of Puzzle Making

An online resource that will match aspiring puzzle makers with experienced constructors to help them learn the craft. While anyone is welcome to join and find a published constructor, the focus is on diversifying the rotation normally seen in newspaper and magazine puzzles.

@pandamagazine's Daily Twitter Puzzles

PANDA Magazine has been posting a daily puzzle on their Twitter account. It’s the perfect format for Twitter: find the connection between 5 posted words, then prove you know by providing a 6th.

Can You Stay Awake For 50 Hours And Solve 150 Puzzles?

Can You Stay Awake For 50 Hours And Solve 150 Puzzles?
MIT’s annual Mystery Hunt is a Riddler column come to life.

538 embedded themselves with our Mystery Hunt team, then wrote a nice article about it.

Solution to the previous Puzzler

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