Oblique strategies

Oblique strategies
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Try re-reading the title and flavor text.
Try searching the web.
Try pursuing even a train of thought that doesn’t seem to give a cogent answer at first.
Try a helpful website.
Try alphabetizing.
Try using the leftover letters.
Try anagramming.
Try letter frequencies.
Try a Caesar shift.
Try converting to numbers.
Try treating letters as protein sequences.
Try thinking about as call letters.
Is it a cryptic clue?
Are they acronyms?
Try diagonalizing.
Look at a computer keyboard.
Is it a pun?
Graph it.
Try a different base: binary, octal, hex, etc.
Maybe it's a phone number.
Maybe it's an IP address.
Maybe it's a date.
Maybe it's a chemical element.
Maybe it's a latitude/longitude.
Maybe it's a radio station.
Maybe it's ASCII.
Maybe it's a PLU number.
Maybe it's a ISBN number.
Look for a strange sequences.
Look for prime numbers.
Maybe fundamental constants are involved.
What other numbers are close to the one you have?
Look for sets of things with the same number of elements.
Count seemingly unnecessary items.
Try looking at it in a mirror.
Try squinting at it from far away.
Try tilting it.
Try looking at it upside down.
Try looking through it.
Try rewriting it neatly.
Try rewriting it on graph paper.
Say it out loud to someone else.
Put yourself in the constructor’s shoes.
Try making it 3D.
Try cutting it up.
Try folding it.
Try connecting the dots.
Is it referencing a song?
Is it referencing a poem?
Is it referencing a book?
Is it referencing a movie?
Is it referencing a TV show?
Is it referencing a play?
Is it referencing an artist?
Is it referencing a celebrity?
Try Braille.
Try Morse code.
Try Semaphore.
Try overlaying it on a map.
Check for pop culture references.
Try Library of Congress or Dewey Decimal System.
Does it have anything to do personally with the constructing team?
Try running your work by an expert.
Trust your instincts.
Try trusting someone else’s instincts.
Ask “what’s weird about this?"
Take a step back.
Ask for fresh brains.
Check your work.
Ask someone else to check your work.
Explain your work to someone else.
Try doing what you’ve already done, again.
Try leaving the room.
Ask people if it looks like anything they recognize.
What’s missing?
Have you used all the information?
Try keeping even a strange-looking result.
Try brute force.
Try not thinking about it.
Split up tasks to solve in a group.
Talk to a hunt veteran.
Talk to a hunt newbie.
What’s the pattern?
Re-read the flavor text.
Maybe it's a bunch of categories.
Maybe they're all in one category.
Wash your hands.
Drink some water.
Take a nap.
Is there an extra letter?
Is a letter missing?
Try printing it out.
Try tracing letter shapes.
Try pairing up answers.
Maybe it's referencing a real place.
Try spoonerizing.
Maybe it's a rebus.

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